Abalone Shell Cufflinks for Men

Abalone cufflinks

Abalone Cufflinks for Men

It isn’t always easy to find suitable gifts for men, but cufflinks are always a popular choice. This page features a selection of abalone cufflinks that will add a flash of color when he is out and about.

I have always loved that abalone shell is iridescent, most often in blue hues, which happens to be my favorite color. The shades and varying hues look really beautiful on dress shirts.

Many of us think of shell as being thin, flimsy and easy broken. However, abalone shell is known for being exceptionally strong.

If you are you looking for a gift for the man in your life for a birthday, anniversary, Father’s Day or Christmas, one of these might be just right.

If you would like to read all about Abalone and abalone shell click this link –> All About Abalone Shell


Abalone Shell Cufflinks for Men

ROTENIERClick to Purchase

Cufflinks by Rotenier

These gorgeous abalone shell cufflinks are set in sterling silver to make a beautiful presentation of the Abalone shell. These abalone shell cufflinks would be beautiful formal, business attire or casual wear. Truly perfect for any occasion.

The abalone shell in these cufflinks are natural, untreated shell. The stones have been highly polished to ensure stunning color.

They would certainly be a lovely gift for him!

These Rotenier cufflinks are made in the USA.

Cuff-Daddy 9 Square Abalone Silver cufflinksClick to Purchase

Less Expensive Abalone Shell Cufflinks

If you are seeking a quality set of abalone shell cufflinks at a less expensive price, you may well wish to consider this pair of beautiful cufflinks.

Each pair is finished by hand to ensure a quality, lasting pair.

These cufflinks are set in a silver-tone setting so it never needs polishing.


Stylish and Unique Abalone Shell Cufflinks

Abalone & Onyx Cuff Links Gift Boxed By Cuff4UClick to Purchase

These cufflinks are rhodium plated and feature onyx and abalone shell. The silver and black are the perfect setting for the lovely colors of abalone shell.

They are 18mm in size, which is slightly less than 3/4 of an inch.

Great look for any dress shirt.

Either of these pairs of cufflinks would be an ideal gift for groomsman in a wedding. Each gentleman would not only have a groomsman’s pair to wear at the wedding, but they would also have a fabulous keepsake.

Of course, cufflinks are also always a great gift for Father’s Day!



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