Rhinestone Rings

rhinestone ringsFashion rings today are very trendy, and the bigger the better. Here you will find a large selection of great rhinestone rings including cocktail rings, 2-finger rings and many others. Scroll through to enjoy the collection and take your pick from these inexpensive fashion items.

Whether you like cute animals, pretty flowers or unique fun fashion styles, there are rings here to tempt you to buy. Rhinestone rings are cheap enough to allow you to own a large variety and to build up quite a jewelry wardrobe. We have brought this selection together to make your online shopping experience as fun and as easy as possible.

Rhinestones that Look Like Diamonds

We all love those clear rhinestones that look like diamonds, but cost truly a fraction of the cost of the real gem.


Contemporary Rhinestone Jewelry

Sparkling Cocktail Ring for Women

One size fits all with this gorgeous ring. It features a very colorful peacock studded with rhinestones. Whether you are at a dinner or a party this ring will top off your outfit nicely. Since the ring size is adjustable, it also makes a great gift selection for friends and family members that enjoy large, trendy jewelry. The peacock is simply a lot of fun to wear!

Beautiful Multi Colorful Bird Peacock Stretch Cocktail Ring Pink Green Blue Clear Fashion JewelryCheck Price


Black & White Rhinestone Ring

Black diamonds are very popular, almost as popular as a white diamond. However, most of us cannot afford large diamonds.

This Rhinestone ring gives us the look of black and white diamonds without the exorbitant price of diamonds. Like the peacock ring above, this ring has a stretch band so no need to stress about sizing.

 Lavencious Flower Shape CZ & Rhinestone Cocktail Stretch Ring Party Ring Women (Black)Check Price

Created Amethyst & Rhinestone Ring

This beautiful ring is actually a lab created amethyst accented with rhinestones, but no one will know unless you tell them!

It is set with sterling silver to give the white gold or platinum appearance. It is only available in size 6.

Solid 925 Silver Ring with 5x7mm Created Amethyst Rhinestone Ring Size 6Check Price


Created Garnet & Rhinestone Ring

This is another lab created beauty. The created garnet is set in white gold plating and is completely surrounded by rhinestones. It certainly makes a stunning combination and would be a very elegant look for Christmas, Valentines Day or truly anytime.

It would certainly compliment our holiday attire and give us that extra flash that we enjoy for special events.

Solid 925 Silver with 7x9mm Oval Created Garnet and Rhinestone Ring-4.5Check Price




Many of the rings featured in this article are very inexpensive.

The following featured rings look great, but cost less than $20.


Popular Rhinestone Rings

Rhinestone Rings Come in Many Shapes, Sizes and Colors

This cross shaped stretch ring features colored sparkling rhinestones and also has a stretch band. Wow your friends with this stunning costume ring. Since it has symbolic significance as well as beauty, you could wear it day or evening, it is up to you. Great additions to anyone’s jewelry wardrobe.

Dark Navy Blue Christian Cross Ring Rhinestones Cocktail Adjustable BandCheck Price



Cat Rhinestone Ring and Mouse Rhinestone Ring

Why not play a little cat and mouse game with your jewelry? Either, or both, of these rings would be fun to wear and they each have adjustable bands so no need to worry about proper sizing.

As you can see in the photo, this cat rhinestone ring has an elongated setting and the green eyes are certainly the perfect touch. Cat lovers are sure to love this ring!

The mouse ring is simply adorable with those black eyes and nose!

Synthetic Jet Czech Rhinestone Kitty Cat Clawing Angry Fierce Crystal Rhinestone Adj RingCheck Price Swarovski Crystal Clear Rhinestone Mouse Rat Fashion Costume Adjustable RingCheck Price


Best Hand Jewelry

Over recent years rings have developed into hand jewelry with rings covering 1, 2 or even 3 fingers. Just the thing for fun fashion female. These rings combine fashion and beauty.

2 Finger Rhinestone Rings

Beautiful, unique and interesting 2 finger rings look quite impressive spread across your hand and down your fingers.

 TFJ Women Slave Ring Fashion Jewelry Metal Long Scorpion Elastic Band 2 Fingers SilverCheck Price


Care of Rhinestone Rings

Keep in mind that every item featured in this article is costume jewelry, not fine jewelry. In all likelihood, it won’t last for years, but we can hope to extend the life of these pieces with proper care.

Because we use our hands constantly, we will need to give extra care when wearing a Rhinestone ring.

Always remove the ring when you wash your hands.

Always avoid contact with any liquids including perfume, hairspray, styling gels, etc.

Also, please remember that rhinestones are not precious gems and they will not last like a real diamond or gemstone. Most often, the settings are not a precious metal either and some will tarnish. But, rhinestones are a lot of fun and a very easy way to wear elaborate and sparkling jewelry without spending a fortune.


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Rhinestone Rings

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