Halloween Necklaces for Children

Halloween Necklaces for ChildrenHalloween Necklaces For Trick or Treaters ~ Safety First!

Once it gets dark on Halloween, the trick or treaters come out to play. Every year, I watch the children in our neighborhood cross the street back and forth as they zoom from one house to another. Way too often, I hear the screeching of car tires and the screams of frightened parents. Children get so excited on Halloween, that they sometimes forget that they are still sharing the streets with cars. It is for that reason, that I believe an essential part of a child’s costume should be safety oriented.

One of the easiest ways to make a costume safer, is with the accessorize with safety in mind. Flashing jewelry and glow in the dark accessories not only look great, but help drivers see children coming before they are caught in their headlights.

Light Up Flashing Halloween necklaces or Flashing Beaded necklaces are great choices to consider. The large pumpkin necklace is one large blinking pumpkin and the Spooky Lights necklace features 8 flashing lights in 3 different light up modes.

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Pumpkin Flashlight Halloween Necklaces

If you can convince you child the wear it, the Pumpkin Flashlight Necklace is an excellent choice! It is approx. 4″ long and has a printed pumpkin pattern down the sides. Keep in mind, this flashlight necklace does require a AA battery to operate, so you will want to purchase them at the same time you buy the flashlight.

We couldn’t find it sold separately, but it is still available when purchased with the Mickey Mouse bag.

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Glow Stick Necklaces

The Glow Stick Necklace is another pretty option and often appeals more to little girls than the flashlight necklace. This is actually a package of glow sticks that you link together to get the desired length of necklace. It will require at least 2 glow sticks and 2 connectors to create one necklace. There are 50 glow sticks and 50 connectors in this pack. This is also a variety pack of colors. It comes with 5 different colors so you can mix and match colors when you make a necklace. Just like you see in the photo below, you can wear several of these necklaces at once. They should glow for 8 – 12 hours.

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Don’t See a Flashing Necklace that Matches Your Costume

Then, Perhaps These Hair Lights are For You!
Illuminating Hair strands or bow light up your hair! Like stars, they show up best in the dark.

A driver can see the necklaces when they are facing a child, or if the child in coming from a side yard. However, you may also want to include the hair lights so your child will be seen from behind as well. The more light you can “float” around a trick-or-treater, the more likely they will be seen from a distance and an accident can be avoided.

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