Animal Pendants for Girls in Shaped Gift Boxes

Animal Necklaces

Fun and Cute Animal Pendants with Matching Velour Animal-Shaped Gift Boxes

Young girls love presents, of course, and jewelry is always a hit. You can make it even more of a fun surprise by giving that special girl a shimmering animal pendant in a cute matching gift box that she can keep on her bureau, or store her necklace in when she needs to take it off to play or go to dance class perhaps.

Here, I’ll show you a sweet collection of animal pendants, which are my personal favorites, and a couple of other kinds too. Each one comes with their own matching shaped keepsake boxes, ready to give for birthdays, Christmas, graduations, or any time you want to surprise her with something that will make her smile every time she wears it.

I have no doubt these animal pendant necklaces will be treasured for many years, perhaps even all their life. I still have several cherished gifts of jewelry from my own childhood years.


Choose Her Favorite Animal in a Pendant-Gift Box Set

Every child has at least one favorite animal and some kids love all animals. I have no doubt there is an animal pendant for every little girl that she will enjoy wearing everyday. I love the particular sets that are featured in this article because they come with an animal shaped keepsake box that matches the pendant. That is like getting two gifts instead of one.

 D.M. Merchandising Animal Crystal Pendant Necklace with Gift Box DolphinCheck Price Ladybug Crystal Necklace in Red Velour Hinged Gift Box!Check Price


A Panda Bear Pendant in a Panda Bear Box

Panda Bear Pendant Necklace in Figural Gift BoxCheck Price

Pandas are extremely popular! Their round shapes and furry bodies make them look quick huggable even in real life. Children, and adults for that matter, are not likely to ever get to hug a real panda, but they can wear a panda necklace to show their adoration of the animal.

This would make the perfect memento of seeing a real live panda at the zoo.

She’ll enjoy showing this gift to her friends, both the necklace and the adorable jewelry box. If she likes to collect animal figurines to display in her room, the gift box will fit right in.

This cute pendant comes in a hinged, velour panda-shaped box. The enamel pendant hangs on an 18-inch chain.

The bears featured below don’t want to be left out, so I am also going to go ahead and show you the teddy bear pendant, the Koala Bear and the Polar Bear pendants! They are all fabulous!

Of course, we all know the Koala Bear and the Polar Bear are made in the image of a real live bear, but we don’t often consider teddy bears as live bears. However, this teddy bear looks very much like an animated version of the American Black Bear which we see in lots of zoo around the world.

Either of these bears would love to come home to your little girl to be cherished and loved.

New Teddy Bear Pendant Necklace With Bear Shaped BoxCheck Price Koala w/ Bamboo Necklace in Koala Bear Gift BoxCheck Price Polar Bear Enamel Necklace in Figural Gift BoxCheck Price


More Animal Pendants for Girls

We surely do not want to make the rest of the animals at the zoo to feel abandoned and unloved! Each of these pendants comes with it own matching animal box.

From the small turtle to the huge elephants, all animals want to be loved, including the snapping gator. Children are often introduced to these animals through books. Thanks to their fabulous imaginations, they can often envision these animals as being their best friends. While they can’t come to life to embrace them, these animal pendants can accompany them throughout their day.

Circle of Friends Pendant, ElephantCheck Price

Turtle Pendant Necklace in Velour Turtle Shaped BoxCheck Price Whale Pendant Necklace in Figural Gift BoxCheck Price Alligator Pendant Gift Box NecklaceCheck Price


Kitty Cat Pendant

18k Kitty Cat Necklace Pendant Crystal in Shaped Gift BoxCheck Price

This kitty cat pendant is exquisite!

The kitty pendant itself has an 18 kt. gold finish and is accented with genuine European crystals. The crystals sure do make gorgeous and sparkling eyes for this little kitty cat.

This would be the perfect necklace for a child who would love to have a pet, but cannot have a live kitten.

It also comes with the hinged velour cat shaped box that is sure to make it’s own place in her heart.

Like several of the other necklaces you see here, this pendant is lead-safe, so if the girl wearing it is one who sometimes puts the pendant in her mouth — I don’t know if you’ve seen girls do this, but I have — then it’s perfectly safe.


Bee Pendant in a Shaped Box

Bumble BEE Girls Kids Necklace Pendant in Shaped Gift Jewelry BOXCheck Price

For that busy little bee who is constantly zipping past you in a flurry of activity, this bee pendant would truly be perfect.

The bee pendant is sterling silver with sparkling antennae. It comes on an 18″ chain and includes the velour bee box.

The wings on this bee are shaped like hearts and could easily represent the love between a mother and daughter.

But, now that I think about it, the little bee pendant might be made more for you, Mom, so you could wear it all day long to remind you of your precious busy bee. After all, she rarely slows down long enough to embrace your neck herself, but what a truly wonderful moment it is when she does.




Crystal Cupcake Pendant with Matching Gift Box

This is obviously not an animal, but I simply had to share this adorable crystal and enamel cupcake pendant. Like the animal pendants above, the necklace comes in a matching hinged gift box, perfect for a birthday girl.
Cupcake Necklace

The crystals on this cupcake pendant sparkle and shine almost as brightly as the candles on her birthday cake. Oops! Make that, her Birthday cupcake!

Kid’s Cupcake Crystal & Enamel Pendant Necklace in Cup Cake shaped Gift Jewelry BOXCheck Price


The cupcake pendants, as well as the animal pendants in shaped boxes, are so affordable, you might want to start a whole collection of them for the girl in your life. If she loves the first one, you can give another … and another … on each special occasion.

Years from now, she will look back at this collection of beautiful animal pendants and remember your thoughtfulness and how much fun the two of you shared with the giving and receiving of each gift. Not to mention the many compliments she is sure to receive when wearing her favorite animal pendant necklace.



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