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Birthstone jewelry always makes a great gift that is fun to give.    Each month has a specific gem associated with it and each gem has a specific meaning.  But, they all represent your love when given.

Jewelry created with multiple birthstones has become a very popular gift for mothers and grandmothers.  Each piece is specifically created with a combination of birthstones, one representing each child.  They truly make lovely and sentimental pieces that mothers treasure forever.

Couples birthstone jewelry can also be created by combining the birthstone for each sweetheart.


Birthstones by Month

JANUARY – Garnet
Stability & Devotion

FEBRUARY – Amethyst
Stability, Intuition & Peace

MARCH – Aquamarine
Courage & Preparedness

APRIL – Diamond
Courage, Healing & Spirituality

MAY – Emerald
Love, Sensitivity & Loyalty

JUNE – Pearl
Purity, Faith & Sincerity

JULY – Ruby
Spiritual Wisdom, Wealth & Love

AUGUST – Peridot
Healing & Understanding

SEPTEMBER – Sapphire
Beauty, Prosperity & Intuition

Hope, Health & Wealth

NOVEMBER – Citrine
Optimism & Joy

DECEMBER – Turquoise
Cleansing, Protection & Valor



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