Wrap Cuff Earrings

What is a cuff earring?

Wrap Cuff EarringsCuff earrings are literally a half circle or “cuff” that attaches to your ear by slipping it over the outer rim of the ear cartilage. You can see the “cuff” behind the top of the three feathers on the earring on the left. That cuff holds the upper part of a long earring in place.

Some cuff earrings are also wrap earrings. Wrap earrings, however, have a wider definition. Some are slip on, while others need a piercing to wear. This style earring either attaches to your ear with a cuff, or curls around the upper part and side of the ear.

Wrap cuff earrings are a fun alternative for special occasions or parties. They are worn year round with everyday attire, but are especially appropriate with some Halloween costumes.

Wrap cuff earrings tend to be bold and brash. They often feature serpents, mythical creatures or Gothic inspired designs. They are always fun and they are very popular with the young set right now. However, wearing them is not limited by age. Most wrap cuff earrings fasten with a normal lobe piercing with no additional piercings needed. You can also buy some that just clip on.

Not that cuff earrings are new — they’ve been around for centuries in some native cultures. But like everything else, modern society has put its own spin on them. Let me introduce you to some Gothic style, sometimes called punk style, ear cuffs.

Take you time to look through the selection and see which one you would like to add to your jewelry wardrobe or give as a gift.

Here is the Earring featured above Shown on an Ear

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Popular Bold Wrap Ear Cuffs

Here are two examples of some really popular wrap ear cuff earrings. You can easily see how these cuff or wrap earrings are worn in the two photo below. Note how they wrap around the ear. Ear wrap cuffs are most often sold as single earrings, instead of as a set. Wrap cuff earrings are made to wear on one side or the other. It is imperative that you know which side of your face, or which ear, you wish to accent with a wrap cuff.

You can probably tell by the photos that the earrings shown below are all made for the left ear.

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Beautiful roses on the branch that wraps around your ear. One rose on top and one on bottom.

Take a close look at the photo. One rose rests at the bottom of your ear while the thorny vine wraps around the back, then winds back to the front of your ear lobe and ends with the second rose. This ear cuff does not require a piercing.

This rose ear cuff fits the left ear only.


More Fun with Wrap Cuff Earrings

These wrap cuff earrings add an elegant touch to any apparel with wrap earrings. I love the way they decorate your entire ear. These larger settings would be gorgeous and very eye-catching for the holidays, at parties, weddings, or just for fun.

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Make a Bold Fashion Statement with Wrap Cuff Earrings!

Earring that Wrap around You Ear

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