Rhinestone Necklaces and Pendants

Rhinestone Necklaces & PendantsRhinestones make truly gorgeous necklaces. I absolutely love wearing them!

Rhinestone necklaces are such a great way to dress up any outfit. I even wear them to the theater and Broadway plays. They can certainly make you feel elegantly dressed.

Have you ever wondered exactly what rhinestones are and how they are made? Well, further down this page you will find some facts and history about rhinestones as well as a wonderful selection of rhinestone necklaces and pendants.

If you are looking for gift ideas for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas or even graduations, you will find anything from contemporary to classic styles and all very affordable. Probably another reason I love them so much!


Leaf Heart Swarovski Element Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Rabbit Bunny Necklace Check Price

Beautiful Rhinestone Bunny Necklace

Isn’t this a cute pendant? You know some “bunny” loves you when you receive this adorable bunny rabbit necklace as a gift.

Shaped as a fun rabbit, it has beautiful rhinestone crystals that make up bunny’s body. The setting is made of sterling silver.

This necklace does include the 18″ silver chain. This lovely rabbit necklace will make someone very happy when they open the complementary gift box.


Blue Purple Glitter Enamel Painted Crystal Rhinestone Dragonfly Pendant NecklaceCheck Price

Rhinestone Dragonfly Necklace

Rhinestones are also available in colors! Take a look at this lovely example of how colored rhinestone are used in necklaces.

Dragonflies are magical creatures that everyone recognizes and enjoys. This gorgeous pendant is shaped like a dragonfly and is encrusted with pretty Aurora Borealis rhinestones and hand painted enamel.

This will make a great gift for anyone who loves dragonflies and anyone who loves sparkling fashion jewelry.


10 Interesting Facts about Rhinestones

  1. The concept of rhinestone was to create stones for adornment that imitated diamonds but cost a fraction of the cost.
  2. The very first rhinestones were clear rock crystals.
  3. Imitation diamonds known as ‘diamante’ or ‘paste diamonds’ are thought to be first made in Czechoslovakia and were hand made by coating glass with a metal compound.
  4. Sources differ but some experts believe the name “rhinestone” came from the river Rhine, it being used to power the first rhinestone factory producers in Austria.
  5. The rhinestones we know today are synthetic crystals, the first rhinestones process developed by an Austrian jewelry in the second half of the 18th century.
  6. The terms rhinestones and Austrian crystal tend to be interchangeable and refer to the same thing.
  7. Modern technology discoveries in the 20th century have seen different processed producing difference colors and effects in rhinestones include the iridescence of Aurora Borealis and the blue Aqua Aura – some of the processed involve subjecting rock crystal to radiation.
  8. The two major producers of the best rhinestones are Austria and Czech Republic – the most important companies being Swarovski and Preciosa. The mention of these names are often used to imply high quality.
  9. Different factories produce different effects in their rhinestone. In Austria the AB coatings used create the prism effect in clear crystals and also can be used to produce blues, greens, reds, and gold’s.On the other hand Czech factory processes prefer to product colors in the gold and yellow ranges.
  10. Rhinestones can be cut just like diamonds and the more facets (faces) cut the more the light will reflect on the crystal to create the sparkle.


Cupcake Anyone?

This cute cupcake pendant will make a great present for girls and women. Let them make a sparkling entrance with this rhinestone encrusted pendant. The silver-tone pendant is suspended on an 18 inch snake chain and comes in its own gift box.

Silvertone with Multi Colored Crystal Rhinestones Cupcake Charm Pendant Necklace Fashion JewelryCheck Price


 EVER FAITH Women’s Crystal Luxury Bridal Marquise Blooming Flower Necklace Earrings Set Clear Silver-ToneCheck Price

Elegant Rhinestone Necklaces

This pretty necklace with matching earrings is perfect for any special occasion from prom to weddings. It is definitely a stunning set that is designed to draw a lot of attention.

The necklace measures up to 18 inches long. The silver tone and sparkling clear rhinestone crystals are the perfect choice for that once in a lifetime event.

You can see more Elegant Rhinestone Necklace sets featured on Victoria Frederick’s Jewelry Box by simply clicking here.


Heart Shaped Rhinestone Necklaces

Heart shaped jewelry is always in style.

Add a romantic note to your dress with these stunning heart shaped, rhinestone encrusted pendants. Because of their popularity, there are quite a few styles in rhinestone necklaces and pendants available. Here are some lovely examples that you may wish to consider.

White Gold Plated Heart&arrow Cz rhinestone Accent 8 Stone Heart Shaped Pendant Necklace-NSS089Check Price KATGI Fashion Austrian Crystals Heart Shape Pendant Necklace (Dark Blue)Check Price Perfect Heart Shaped Floating Charm Locket Chrystal Gemmed Rim Necklace Silvertone Magnetic Closure 639Check Price


How to Clean Rhinestone Jewelry

Keep in mind that simulated rhinestones look great for a while, but they are not really very durable. In order to keep cost down, the settings are also most often made of less durable metals. Therefore, you really do want to be careful how you clean your rhinestone jewelry so it will last as long as possible.

Use a small amount of alcohol on a very soft cloth to clean rhinestones. Do not clean them in jewelry cleaners or water.



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Rhinestone Necklace & Pendants



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