Travel Jewelry Organizer Case

Travel Jewelry OrganizersWhen we travel, we want to take some of our jewelry.  However, when we arrive at our destination, none of us wishes to open our jewelry box and discover a tangled mess.  Therefore, an excellent, well designed jewelry organizer is exactly what we need.

A jewelry organizer is essential for any traveler, occasional or jet-setter.  An organizers that offer a special place for earrings and separate compartments for rings preferred.  Plus, we need snap holders for necklaces to keep the chains from tangling.

If you are seeking a gift for someone who enjoys travels, or travels for work, one of these organizers would be great.


Jewelry Organizers for Travel

Travel Jewelry Organizer Roll Bag
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There are two different common styles of jewelry travel organizers.  The roll bag has become popular and is easy to pack.  It is my sister’s choice.  However, it isn’t my recommendation if you plan to pack multiple necklaces.

Over the years, I have found a smaller size padded box is actually better for my needs.  I always take my jewelry in my purse of carry-on when I fly.  I simply pack my travel jewelry box first so it is sure to be tucked away safely.  Either the roll bag or a small cushioned jewelry box will fit into a carry-on bag.  There have been several times when I was glad I had my jewelry in my carry-on.  Not only can checked baggage get searched without you being present, but sometimes it doesn’t make it to your destination with you.   Even though it always arrives later, I would rather have my jewelry safely with me at all times.


Size Matters when Selecting a Travel Jewelry Organizer

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I never want to carry more than I need when I travel.  I own several travel jewelry organizers in varying sizes.  For a weekend or mini trip, I only need a small box.  For a week or more, I want my largest jewelry organizer so I can take complimentary jewelry for each outfit.

Where I am going also matters.  If I am attending a wedding or large social function that requires my best jewelry, I always take my largest organizer and may also take one of my smaller boxes for special pieces.  However, if I am on vacation, I rarely carry a lot of extra jewelry.  After all, I don’t wear jewelry to the beach, swimming pool or fitness areas.  I only need it for dining out.

I do recommend owning at least one jewelry organizer for travel.  You know your travel habits and needs better than anyone, but if I could only have one, I would opt for the compact style that has removable dividers.  The dividers are important to me because I like bangle bracelets and they requires more room than a smaller box will accommodate.


More Travel Organizers for Jewelry

Select the one that will best accommodate your needs when traveling.  You may not carry a lot of jewelry.  Or, you may not pack necklaces.  Either way, there is definitely a travel jewelry organizer that will protect your jewelry.


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Travel Jewelry Organizers

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