Marcasite Pendants and Necklaces

925 Sterling Silver Pendant With Marcasite – Stone: Black Onyx

Everything old fashion is right back in fashion again and Marcasite is delightfully old-fashioned.

Marcasite jewelry is actually made of the Marcasite “cousin” pyrite (aka fool’s gold) because true Marcasite is very brittle. Centuries ago, there was not a distinction between the two, but by scientific definitions today, Marcasite and pyrite are two separate minerals. There is no jewelry made of real Marcasite.

Marcasite stones have been used in jewelry since the days of the ancient Greeks. It was believed the mineral had therapeutic power and was considered to be a healing stone, as well as a wealth and creativity charm.

It became extremely popular in the 18th century during the Victorian era as people followed the style set by Queen Victoria. It continued to be in vogue with the Art Nouveau jewelry designers even after the death of the Queen.

Marcasite jewelry is still very popular today, which of course it would be because it’s such a beautiful material. When cut with facets, Marcasite will shimmer like a diamond.

Modern Marcasite jewelry runs the gamut from more expensive pieces made by setting the cut pyrite into precious metals, silver in particular, to more affordable jewelry in which the Marcasite is glued in place. Even cheaper, similar looking pieces are made with what are actually small pieces of cut steel, though they look much like Marcasite.


1.7 Inch High Quality Marcasite Cross Pendant with Mother of PearlClick to Purchase

Cross Marcasite Pendant

This is such a stunning pendant!

Marcasite and genuine mother of pearl both have the appeal of jewelry from ages past. When they are combined with a symbol of historical significance, the result is a pendant that not only has great beauty, but deep meaning as well.

This gorgeous cross pendant is sterling silver with an inlay of genuine mother of pearl.

It is 43.7 mm (1.7″) tall and 36.9 mm (1.5″) wide.


Best Birthday Gift Sterling Silver Marcasite & Mother of Pearl PendantClick to Purchase

Modern Design Marcasite Pendant

I love the way today’s designers combine traditional materials and modern design, but still manage to capture the beauty of an ancient piece.

Take this piece for instance. It features both the old styles of Marcasite and mother of pearl set in sterling silver, but still has a very modern shape and design.

This will be a wonderful gift for anyone.



Sterling Silver, Marcasite, and Clear Crystal Flower Pendant Necklace, 18Click to Purchase

Beautiful Flower Marcasite Pendant Necklace

This is another lovely pendant that would make a beautiful gift that would be treasured for not only for it’s beauty, but because it was a gift from you.

All woman love flowers and this awesome flower design is a wonderful way for the woman you love to always have a flower from you to admire.

This pendant has tiny crystal accents and comes with an 18″ sterling silver rope chain.


Sterling Silver Marcasite Heart Locket w/Chain NecklaceClick to Purchase

The Marcasite Heart Locket Pendant

Heart shaped jewelry is always a popular choice, especially for birthday or anniversary gifts. We give hearts to remind the recipient of how much we love them each time they look at the pendant.

Any style of locket is fabulous, but this Marcasite heart locket is especially beautiful. It is sterling silver and comes with an 18″ chain.


Marcasite Pendants in Many Shapes, Sizes and With a Variety of Stones

As you can see, Marcasite pendants are available in many different styles and designs. They often feature colored beautiful gems in addition to the sparking Marcasite stones.

Because Marcasite is beautiful itself, just about any Marcasite piece of jewelry will be lovely. It is a simple matter of selecting which pendant best suits your personal tastes. Of course, you are not limited to only one Marcasite pendant in your jewelry box.

 Marcasite Brass Pandora Bead Charm with Snake Chain Fashion Necklace and Bracelet SetClick to Purchase 925 Oxidized Sterling Silver Swarovski Marcasite Red Agate Tear Drop Pendant Necklace – Nickel FreeClick to Purchase Sterling Silver Black Onyx, Mother of Pearl & Marcasite 45cm NecklaceClick to Purchase Sterling Silver Oxidized Marcasite and Gemstone Colored Glass Filigree Heart Pendant NecklaceClick to Purchase


How to Clean Marcasite Pendants and Jewelry

Caring for Marcasite is easy. Simply wipe your Marcasite jewelry with a soft, damp cloth. No special jewelry cleaners are required to keep Marcasite looking beautiful and shiny.





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