Best Abalone Shell Bracelets

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Abalone shell makes beautiful pieces of jewelry. I especially love the dramatic flash of color on my wrist to compliment my wardrobe. Abalone shell is pretty anytime, but it is especially gorgeous when it is worn with a solid color blouse or sweater that really show off the iridescent blend of color of abalone shell jewelry.

This page showcases a selection of beautiful abalone bracelets and bangles.

If you are shopping for yourself or if you are looking for gift ideas for birthdays or other occasions, you will find one of these bangles will be just right. Scroll through to see the whole collection with a range of style at a range of prices.


Abalone Shell Bracelets

As you can easily see by these 3 examples of bracelets, Abalone shell bangles are available in many different and quite varied styles.

There is truly a style and design for every fashion preference.

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What is Abalone Shell

Abalone seashell is very strong. It is naturally built up in concentric circles as the abalone mollusk matures. The colors of the shell are determined my several factors which include what the mollusk eats as well as the temperature and the strength of the water current around it.

If you would like to read all about Abalone and abalone shell click this link –> All About Abalone Shell


Abalone Shell Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets are extremely popular. In large part, that is true because they are so diverse. They can be worn alone, paired with another bracelet or watch, or worn in multiples. This would be a particularly wonderful choice to purchase in multiples because each bangle is going to look different due to the very nature of Abalone shell, but beautifully coordinate as a set of 3, 5 or more.


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 PammyJ Abalone Butterfly Stretch BraceletCheck Price

Beautiful Abalone Bracelet – Great Gift Idea for Her

This setting looks very much like delicate butterflies encircling your wrist.

Take note of the variations in color on each butterfly wing. That is what makes this bracelet, or any abalone shell, such an exceptional piece of jewelry. No two pieces will be exactly alike and yet they each so beautifully compliment the other.

This bracelet size is 7″ and is not adjustable, so be sure to measure your wrist, or the recipients wrist, to make sure it will fit. (See How to Measure Your Wrist & Bracelet Size Below)


Another Beautiful Shell Bracelet

This is an attractive abalone bracelet that measures approximately 6.5 – 7 inches. This bracelet has a slight stretch to it for easy on and off. This bracelet would certainly make an elegant gift for any occasion.

All abalone shell is unique. This bracelet is a perfect example of how the shell develops and how the looks of the shell itself naturally vary.


IceCarats® Designer Jewelry Sterling Silver Abalone Bracelet In 7.25 InchCheck Price



 Falari Abalone Stretch Elastic Bracelet Round B0550Check PriceAbalone Shell Stretchable Bracelet

This is a lovely design that uses the abalone shell inlay setting to make a really pretty piece of jewelry.

This bracelet is stretchable so there is no need for a clasp or hinge.

One real benefit to a stretch bracelet is how easy it is to take on and off, but will not turn or catch like a cuff bracelet.

However, in fairness to the cuff bracelet, a stretch bracelet will most likely not last as long.


Abalone Shell of a Different Color

The bracelets featured above are all the colors of the ocean. They are mostly blues and greens. However, abalone shell comes in a wide variety of colors. The bracelet shown below is an excellent example of how the shell colors really are varied in shades and hues. This bracelet actually incorporates the browns and greens (suitable for a turtle) of abalone shell, but rest assured, that is naturally a part of Abalone seashell.

 Western Peak Ocean Nautical Abalone Iridescent Shell Silver Bangle Bracelet (Sea Turtle)Check Price


You will also see white in abalone shell because the inner layer of the Abalone mollusk shell is mother of pearl. The bracelet below features alternating sections which makes a very elegant piece of jewelry.

Heather Needham, Silver Paua Shell & Mother Of Pearl BraceletCheck Price



How to Measure Your Wrist & Bracelet Size

Wrist Size

How to Measure Your Wrist for the Right Bracelet SizeDetermine Your Wrist Size: To measure, simply use a fabric measuring tape. If you do not have a fabric measuring tape, cut a piece of string that fits the wrist and lay it against a ruler or yard stick to get the proper measurement.
Bracelet Size
Determine Your Bracelet Size: Add 1/4″ – 1″ to the wrist measurement to get your bracelet size.
Example: If your Wrist Measurement is 6″, add up to 1″ to equal 7″ Bracelet Size. Anything more than an 1″, would slide too easily off your hand and would not be comfortable to wear, unless you were wearing the bracelet over a sweater sleeve that would hold it into place on your wrist.
Alternative Way to Determine a Bracelet Size when Giving a Gift
When purchasing a gift, we don’t want to give about away the surprise by grabbing someones wrist and measuring it. Instead, grab a bracelet that you see them wearing often, and measure it instead.




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