Multi Color Amber Pendants and Necklaces


Mix millions of years of history with modern fashion in gorgeous, unique necklaces featuring multiple colors of amber, made of fossilized tree resin. It’s like wearing a time capsule around your neck. Personally, I love the combination of varying colors to make exceptional and unusual pieces.

When most people think of amber, they think yellows, oranges and brown, but it actually comes in more than 300 shades, some of which are very rare and many of which are just subtly different from the next.

If you combine these gorgeous stones with an awesome setting, you really will have a true treasure. In fact, each Amber pendant and necklace is really one-of-a-kind.

It is one of the birthstones for the star sign Taurus, but many of us simply love the beautiful combination of beauty and scientific significance.


Amber Pendants and Necklaces Make a Really Beautiful Statement!

As you progress through this article, be sure to stop and read the “statements” of fact about Amber scattered throughout just for a bit of added fun.


Multi-Color Amber Drop Pendant

 PEORA Genuine Baltic Amber Pendant Necklace for Women 925 Sterling Silver, Floating Three Stone Multicolor Drop, with 18 inch ChainClick to PurchaseThis Amber pendant is a fabulous example of the different colors you will find in amber pieces. It provides a beautiful setting for multiple lovely stones.

Each of the sections features a different color amber stone — orange, green and yellow — creating a piece that is quite unique and will definitely encourage some closer looks.

This necklace is made of amber stones that have been hand-polished to a smooth finish. You can clean it with warm, soapy water, pat dry and polish with a soft cloth.


Styles of Amber Pendants and Necklaces

True amber takes 20 to 50 million years to form, creating an amazing gem with extraordinary and very unique properties.

Amber is available in so many different styles and settings. There is sure to be an Amber pendant and necklace that everyone will love. In fact, it might be difficult to choose just one since they are all so unique in stone color and settings. You could easily have 4 or 5 Amber necklaces in your jewelry box and none of the look like the other.

 Sterling Silver Multicolor Amber Square PendantClick to Purchase HolidayGiftShops Amber – Sterling Silver and Baltic Amber Cross Pendant (Large)Click to Purchase Amber by Graciana LLC. Sterling Silver Multicolor Amber Round PendantClick to Purchase PEORA Genuine Baltic Amber Open Spiral Pendant NecklaceClick to Purchase


Experience More Beautiful Colors

Amber is responsible for preserving perfect specimens of insects and spiders from ancient days of earth.
It is not unusual to discover an insect perfectly preserved in a stone in your Amber jewelry since resin is naturally produced to protect the tree from insect attacks and damage.

Amber Butterfly Necklace with Round Stones

 PEORA Genuine Baltic Amber Dragonfly PendantClick to Purchase

This piece is a bit, well actually a lot more expensive than many of the others shown here, but for good reason.

This stunning necklace features a beautiful assortment of natural amber beads and large shimmering multicolored pieces in the detailed butterfly pendant.

All of these stones are strung together with shining Sterling Silver.

If you love butterflies and natural stones, or are purchasing a gift for someone who fits that description, this would be the perfect Amber pendant and necklace for you.


Amber Rainbows to Hang Around Your Neck

Amber is used as an ingredient in perfumes and is believed to have a healing agent in folk medicine.

Even in current time, some have stated that Amber has the power to draw disease from the body and that it will ease pain if you place it on the area of the body that is afflicted.

The Amber necklace pictured below has a strikingly beautiful pendant created to resemble a tree, which instantly makes me think of the tree bark used in medicine. The Amber in this necklace is set in sterling silver and comes with an 18″ chain.

All Amber pendants and necklaces are fashion statements, but this particular necklace is clearly designed for the nature lover. It will certainly add color to your wardrobe and would be a beautiful selection for day or night.

 PEORA Genuine Baltic Amber Tree of Life Pendant NecklaceClick to Purchase


Amber is a resin from the saps of trees.