Trendy Shell Rings

abalone shell butterfly ringRings are really hot fashion items right now. Bold jewelry is definitely in style and the bigger the better. This page features a selection of trendy abalone shell rings that include big and bold. All of the Abalone shell rings are lovely and truly a rainbow of beautiful color. Either of these rings would make a great gift for someone whether you are shopping for a birthday or other special occasion. Because there is such a wide range of styles in Abalone shell rings, I have no doubt that you will see one you love and will also be tempted to make a new selection for your own jewelry box.

These rings look great for day or evening wear. Most of them are appropriate for work and play. The mix of iridescent colors in the shell means they will accent just about any outfit beautifully and make a stunning presentation on any hand.

Scroll through to enjoy the collection brought together here to make your online shopping as easy as possible.

If you would like to read all about Abalone and how abalone shell is created, click this link –> All About Abalone Shell


A Huge Variety of Designs Available

As you can see in the photo above, there is a large variety of ring designs available that are set with beautiful Abalone shells.


Abalone Shell Wedding Rings

A beautiful Abalone Shell band for either men or women, or both.

Either of these rings would make a lovely set of wedding bands for the couple who wants something unique and who loves Abalone shell. These wedding band rings are inexpensive and a great choice for the bride and groom with limited funds. They are not sold as a set. You would need to purchase a separate ring in the right size for each individual.

These rings don’t have to be wedding bands either. They could certainly be worn simply because you love the ring itself.

 NUNCAD Tungsten Wedding Engagement Ring Band Blue Opal and Abalone Shell Inlaid Domed Size 10Check Price 8mm Abalone Shell Inlay Tungsten Ring for Men Beveled Edge Mother of Pearl Wedding BandCheck Price


Unique Styles in Abalone Shell Rings

All Abalone shell rings are unique to some degree since each piece of Abalone seashell is naturally unique.

Abalone shell is specially the iridescent inner surface of the shell we call Mother-Of-Pearl. When cut and shaped, Abalone seashell certainly makes for some lovely rings. Plus, there are some really beautiful settings for these rings which, combined with the cut abalone shell, truly offer a rare piece of jewelry.

Consider the wrap around leaf ring setting or the flower ring below. They are each quite unique and very pretty. They would be perfect for those of us who love nature.

 AeraVida Stunning Nature Inspired Leaves or Plants with Abalone Seashell InlaysCheck Price AeraVida Tropical Sunflower Abalone Shell Inlay .925 Sterling Silver RingCheck Price


Elegant and Traditional Settings

There are certain styles and cuts that are perhaps not quite as unique as the leaf design or the flower above, but are always loved. For instance, the heart shaped ring featured below is beautifully crafted and set in an antique style sterling silver setting design. It would make a great gift for your sweetheart and the perfect way to remind her daily of you and your love.

The oval cut abalone shells are both set in fantastic designs. The elegant open antique style setting is gorgeous and the rope design is simply fabulous. Either ring setting is lovely even though the Abalone shell is cut in a simple oval shape.

 Simulated Abalone Heart Oxidized Filigree Promise Ring 925 Sterling Silver BandCheck Price Abalone/Paua Shell Inlay White Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Filigree RingCheck Price AeraVida Heart Filigree Oval Abalone Shell .925 Sterling Silver RingCheck Price JEWELOPORIUM 925 Silver Ring for Women Multicolor Genuine Abalone ShellCheck Price


More Unique Abalone Shell Rings

Many women, and men, prefer to own unique styles that reflect their own individual personality. Here are a few more examples of some Abalone shell ring that have very unique settings!

All of these rings are set in sterling silver and feature Abalone shell in either a very unique cut, a very unusual setting or a combination of both.

These interesting designs are sure to be a real conversation starters and the colors of the shell will appear to shift as your hand moves. The designers of these pieces really are artists and wearing these rings would be like personally exhibiting privately owned pieces of artwork.

 AeraVida Stunning Ocean Colors Brick Pattern of Abalone Shell Rectangle InlaysCheck Price Oxford Diamond Co Abalone Shell .925 Sterling Silver RingCheck Price AeraVida Nautical Sea Turtle Heart Abalone Shell .925 Sterling Silver RingCheck Price AeraVida Exotic Graceful Butterfly Abalone Shell Inlay .925 Sterling Silver RingCheck Price


Care of Abalone Shell Jewelry

You will want to protect your Abalone shell jewelry and properly care for it. Abalone shell is soft and can easily scratch, so do take special care when wearing it, especially when set in a ring. The jewelry we wear on our hands is often more likely to hit something or get scratched.

Abalone shell should not be left in direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause your Abalone shell to fade.

To clean your Abalone shell jewelry, simply use warm water. Avoid rubbing with a cloth due to the soft nature of the shell. Never use chemicals or jewelry cleaner on Abalone shell.


A Note from the Writer

Please keep in mind that if you purchase any of the featured rings, every piece of Abalone shell is unique. Therefore, the ring setting will be as shown, but the look of the abalone shell will vary. All Abalone shell is beautiful, but I don’t want you to look at a photo, expect to receive that exact piece of shell, then receive something that doesn’t have the same lines or color combination. Abalone shell is predestined by nature to be original.



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