Family Jewelry: Mother Pendant

 TOUPOP Mother and 2 Child Tree of Life Necklace
I truly cherish the beautiful jewelry my children have given to me over the years. I know they selected each piece with me in mind. Their little hands presented their gifts to me as their eyes lite with great anticipation and they hoped I would love their selection. On those occasions, it wouldn’t matter if they handed me a grasshopper. It would be the most gorgeous and cherished grasshopper ever.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a live grasshopper, but I do have a beautiful dragonfly pendant that my son gave me many years ago that I wear frequently. If you are looking for inspiration for a gift for Mom, how about one of these stunning “Mother pendants”? I’ve selected some of my favorite pendants and necklaces in a wide range of prices and styles to share with you. They range from formal wear to casual occasions.

Each one of these beautiful mom-related pieces would make a great gift, so whether you are looking for a gift for a birthday or anniversary, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, a gift for a new mother or just something special to say you love her, there is a necklace here that’s just right for you.

 Classic Antique Estate Jewelry Style Blue White Carved Oval Simple Framed Victorian Lady Portrait Mother and Child CameoCheck Price

This is one of the most beautiful pendants I have ever seen! Blue is my favorite color and, as a mother, I certainly embrace that image.

Even through my children are grown, I very much remember holding, embracing and cherishing my babies.


White Gold Diamond Mother and Child Pendant

 THE JEWEL ZONE Sparkling White Cubic Zirconia & White Natural Diamond Accent Mother & Child HeartCheck Price

Wouldn’t this be a wonderful gift for a new mother? Or for a Mom at any time! This is a beautiful white gold pendant with diamond accents.

This pendant features 10 small diamonds and the birthstone gem color of your choice.

The 10k white gold sets off the diamonds perfectly, and the design of mother holding her child is just stunning. Personally, I love the way it looks like the child is reaching out to hug the mother too.



A Mother’s Love is the Greatest Gift

Mother-Child and Mother-Daughter Pendants

There is a special bound between mothers and their children. These lovely necklaces certainly reflect that invisible, but very obvious connection.

There is something here for every individual style and taste, as well as one for the mother who has 2 children. Either of these necklaces would be a cherished possession and would be lovingly worn by any mother.

 POTOPYY Gifts for Mom S925 Sterling Silver Mother Child Necklace Loving Family FLYOW Mom Gifts 925 Sterling Silver Mother and Child Heart Lab Opal Pendant Necklace Mother Child Diamond Heart Pendant-Necklace in Sterling Silver


Dolphin Mother Pendant

 TOUPOP Mother Child Dolphin Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Dolphin Necklace Pendant with Blue CrystalCheck Price

The dolphin is one of the most loving mothers in nature, which is why it’s used here to symbolize a mother’s love.

The pendant is sterling silver and crystals. It is lead-free and hypoallergenic.

This is a unusual twist on a traditional mother & child gift idea, but they still convey the the same message of a loving mother caring for the child and the close relationship between the two.




Stunning Mother’s Pendants are Perfect Gifts for Any Occasion

My own mother is one of the dearest people in my life. I love her very much and I certainly enjoy giving her beautiful jewelry, but this would be a pendant that I would wear so that I might tell the world how much she really means to me.

 MUATOGIML Mothers Birthday Gifts 925 Sterling Silver Always My Mother Forever My Friend Love Heart Pendant NecklaceCheck Price


This Is Like My Dragonfly Necklace

Dragonfly Necklace

I thought you might like to see it since I referred to it in my opening comments and the sentimentality of the piece.

Any special gift like this, can become a very precious mother’s pendant for the recipient.

It really is very precious to me!