Multicolor Amber Earrings

Amber EarringsAdding Some Colorful, Age-Old Amber to Your Life!

Amber actually comes in more than 300 different colors, so the variety of what you’ll see in jewelry is absolutely amazing, and each piece is truly unique and one of a kind.

I love exploring the large selection available. I also love the historical and scientific value of each piece. Resin that existed long before me and will endure long after I am history myself.

Whether you prefer stud earrings like I do, or dangle styles like my daughter prefers, there is bound to be a set of Amber Earrings you love here. In addition to a great selection, the majority of sets are probably more affordable than you might imagine, given how gorgeous and singularly interesting they are.


Let us begin our exploration of what the past has held for us to discover!

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Let’s explore the world of Amber together! I hope you’ll see something that catches your eye, either as a wonderful treat for yourself for your own jewelry collection or as a special gift for a special someone.

I also hope you enjoy the fascinating facts about amber shared here.
Did you know:
The oldest dated amber is over 350 million years old.

I know! That is rather hard to believe.


Multicolor Amber Stud Earrings

 Multicolor Amber Sterling Silver Fashion Charming Stud EarringsClick to Purchase
These tri-color amber earrings go with so many different types and colors of outfits, making them very versatile day or evening accessories.

These smaller, but nice-sized, multicolor amber stud earrings are great for those who are looking for something special and unique, but not overly flashy.

Did you know:
The insects trapped in amber have been used to identify ancient species!

Colorful Amber Earrings

 Sterling Silver Baltic Amber Multi Color Spiral Drop Dangle Earrings Honey Cognac yellow and Olive ColorsClick to Purchase
Did you know:
Because of it’s natural formation, each piece of Amber is unique.

Yes, that is right! Amber is made of fossilized tree resin, therefore each piece is different and truly unique.

Since my daughter and I both prefer unique, one of a kind pieces, this aspect definitely appeals to both of us, as it does to most women.

These dangle earring are quite lovely and make a unique and stunning accessory for anyone’s wardrobe! The teardrop shape of the drops is an especially attractive cut for Amber gemstones.


More Multicolor Amber Earrings

Did you know:
Ancient Greeks believed Amber contained sunshine.

It is easy to see why the Ancient Greeks believed that way when you look closely at all of the beautiful yellows in the glow of Amber. Even the browns and oranges seem to have a glow that appears as if the sun itself is adding light to them.

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Care and Cleaning of Your Multicolored Amber Earrings

In most cases, the green stones have been lacquered to achieve the darker color and create the contrasting colors of the gemstones in the pieces.

Since you would never want to destroy the appearance of your amber jewelry, you should always take special care and only wash it in warm, soapy water. Do not use any stronger cleaners, not even jewelry cleaner on your treated amber pieces.