Vintage Style Dangle Earrings

Vintage inspired EarringsAdd a Beautiful Touch of Times Past to your Outfit Today

Antiques never go out of style, even in today’s modern world, and that includes vintage style jewelry. Vintage and retro styles are particularly popular this year and look fantastic with formal or casual wear. Actually, vintage style dangle earrings look great with just about anything.

There is a fairly wide range in selection of vintage style dangle earrings available today, mostly due to their popularity. There is an equally wide range of prices in vintage jewelry. I have endeavored to feature something beautiful for every price range. The selections here include dangle earrings with diamonds, some with gemstones and drop earrings with rhinestones at the less expensive end of the scale. Each of these have their own appeal and stones to really make them sparkle. One thing’s for sure, all of these earrings are lovely and will definitely catch people’s attention.


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Vintage Style Dangle Earrings with Crystals

These vintage inspired dangle earrings are absolutely gorgeous!

Because the setting is an ornate swirling sterling silver pattern, the small crystals that look like diamonds and can appear larger and the overall effect is quite “sparkly”.

These earrings make a big impression for a moderate price.

This set of dangle earrings are so very beautiful, I would definitely want to wear my hair up or at least pulled back so the whole world could see my lovely vintage style dangle earrings.


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Vintage Style Dangle Earrings with Glass Beads

The stones in these earrings are definitely going to appear larger individually since they are crystal and not diamonds. As we all know crystal and glass beads are considerably less expensive, therefore it is much easier to be able to afford larger stones.

Keep in mind though, while they are less expensive than the diamond earrings, they will not last as long.

If you are looking for a pair of vintage style earrings for a particular occasion, but don’t really need some that you can wear for decades, these earrings would be a great selection for your consideration.


Vintage Style Dangle Earrings

We rarely think of vintage style jewelry without also thinking of cameos.

It is fun to shop for cameo jewelry and to examine the details of each piece. Many of us literally look closely at the profiles of the cameos because the facial features matter to us and we are searching for an attractive cameo face. We also consider the hair style of the image when selecting a piece of jewelry that features a cameo.

The settings used in cameo jewelry most often determine the price of the piece, in spite of the fact that the cameo is the main focus.

Can you guess which of these pairs of earrings are the most expensive?

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Vintage Style Peacock Dangle Earrings

Dropping a zero off the price of vintage style jewelry doesn’t mean you’re giving up fashion and beauty.

Decorated with rhinestones and beaded “feathers,” these unique, 3-inch long peacock motif earrings also feature antiqued copper alloy and fishhook back findings.

The multicolored beads of blue and purple are quite lovely and definitely resemble a peacocks feathers. These earrings would be a beautiful addition to any jewelry wardrobe.


More Beautiful Vintage Style Dangle Earrings

Newly created vintage inspired earrings really are awesome! They give us the appearance of heirloom jewelry, yet they have never been worn or previously owned. They are brand new and just for you.

Each of these pairs of earrings has it’s own unique design and appeal, but they all call to mind the beauty of jewelry from times past. There is a undefinable comfort in being able to wear jewelry that reminds us of our ancestors, especially the ones we knew. It somehow makes us feel closer to them even though they are no longer here on this earth with us.


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