Diamond Eternity Rings for Weddings and Anniversaries

 5 Carat (ctw) 14K White Gold Round Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring

Eternity Rings: Symbols of Everlasting Love
An eternity ring is basically a ladies’ ring featuring a metal band, usually a precious metal like white or yellow gold, with identically cut gems set all the way around the ring. Eternity rings are typically given by a man to his bride on their wedding day or to his wife as an anniversary gift.

But not all eternity rings are high in price. In addition to elegant, high-end eternity rings, you can also find much less expensive versions, made with sterling silver and Cubic Zirconia stones that have a very similar look and a lot of shimmer and shine for a fraction of the cost. And if you simply love the look and style if an eternity ring and want to treat yourself, then by all means you should buy an eternity ring and treat yourself.

Here, I’ll show you a very wide range of diamond eternity rings, costing from four figures down to two — from genuine diamond eternity rings to Cubic Zirconias — as well as half eternity rings for those who don’t want gems all the way around the band. I hope you’ll enjoy browsing through this beautiful jewelry and perhaps find the perfect ring for your special lady, even if that lady is you.


Full and Half Eternity Rings and Diamond CZ Eternity Rings

FYI: “Half Eternity” doesn’t mean your love will last half of forever! It just means that the diamonds go just across the face of the ring instead of all the way around.

Some women find that having stones all the way around their finger feels a bit cumbersome, so they prefer to have the diamonds set only across the top of the band, as you can clearly see here.

A beautiful example of each of these eternity rings is featured right here in this article! Join me as we look closely at each style and consider our options.

Full Eternity Rings Half Eternity Rings Diamond CZ Eternity Rings


Full Eternity Rings ~ With Diamonds All the Way Around the Band

 Dazzlingrock Collection 2.50 Carat (ctw) 14k Round Diamond Ladies Eternity RingCheck Price
An Elegant Luxury Ladies’ Diamond Eternity Band

The diamonds in this pretty eternity ring have a total gem weight of 2.50 ct and they are set in 14k white gold. This ring will stack well with an engagement ring and wedding band.

Most of these rings come in either white gold or yellow gold and some with other options as well. So if you see a style you like, click through and check the product listing for details and choices.

Some are even available as Cubic Zirconia diamonds for a very similar look at much, much lower prices.




Half Eternity Rings ~ With Diamonds Across the Face of the Ring

White Gold and Diamond Half Eternity Ring

 Wedding band Five Stone Diamond Ring Round Brilliant Cut w/Trellis Setting 1.10 carat total weight 14K White Gold

14k white gold, 1.60 carat diamonds – what’s not to love in this gorgeous half eternity ring!

This ring is the perfect gift for any occasion, wedding day, anniversary or birthday.

It will sit beautifully with an engagement ring or wedding band, or could be used as either. My own daughter was recently married and she prefers the simplicity of wearing a half eternity band in place of a wedding ring set.

It is truly a style that is appropriate for any occupation that requires rings with low settings. She doesn’t have to worry about a solitaire that is set up on a band, catching on clothing or being caught on anything while she is working.

 Diamondere Natural and Certified Diamond Wedding Ring in 14K White Gold 14K White Gold Diamond Wedding Band Ring Half Eternity, sizes 5 – 10 Diamondere Natural and Certified Round and Baguette Diamond Wedding Ring in 14K White Gold



Cubic Zirconia Eternity Rings ~ The Look of Diamonds Without the High Price

If you don’t want to spend a fortune or buying and insuring a diamond ring, Cubic Zirconia could be your answer.

This eternity ring has plenty of sparkly are a fraction of the cost. Even if you have a diamond eternity ring that you wear most of the time, owning a Cubic zirconia eternity ring is a great security alternative. When we travel, I never wear real jewelry. In the event that we become victims of theft, or should a stone get lost, it is not as financially impacting as a cost of a real diamond ring.

Cubic Zirconia’s are not only safer to wear, but because of the lower cost, you can have much larger stones in your eternity ring.

The Cubic Zirconia eternity ring is the ideal gift for ladies who enjoy traveling risk free, who work in their gardens or kitchen and worry about losing the stones in their rings or for those of us who simply enjoy the look of large diamonds without the expense.

 Sterling Silver Emerald Cut Eternity Band Cz Ring – Beautifully Crafted Eternity Ring with Emerald Cut Cz Stones Platinum-Plated Sterling Silver Princess Cut All-Around Band Ring made with Swarovski Zirconia (7.5 cttw) Ross-Simons 11.65 ct. t.w. CZ Jewelry Set: 3 Eternity Bands in Sterling Silver