Rhinestone Brooches and Pins

Rhinestone PinIf you seek classy or frivolously fun jewelry, there are sure to be rhinestone brooches and pins that are just right for you. If you don’t already own and wear brooches, you may very well be surprised by how endearing they can be and how much you will enjoy accessorizing your wardrobe with them. Whether you are buying a gift for someone, or building up your own jewelry wardrobe, there is a great selection of beautiful rhinestone brooches and pins right here for you to peruse.

Brooches have made a big come-back in recent years. In Victorian times they were all the rage. Even in my own mother’s generation, a woman wouldn’t be seen in public without the adornment of a brooch on a coat, jacket or scarf. Today we are even more inventive in how best to use a pin or brooch. For some great ideas in today’s fashion world, watch the videos I have included just for you. I know I even found a few new ideas for accessorizing with brooches and pins.

There are so many gorgeous rhinestone pins and brooches available that we can’t possibly include them all here, but after you’ve seen our selection, why not click on any of the photos or links and browse for more?

A Touch of Elegance & Beauty with Vintage Inspired Brooches

Brooches have been around since ancient times. Originally used to hold clothing together at certain points, today it is a fashion accessory that can be worn with almost anything and anywhere. These brooches are vintage inspired and remind us of the beauty of jewelry in past times. Today, anyone can own and wear gorgeous jewelry. It is no longer reserved for royalty or the wealthy. Of course, these are not diamonds and fine gems, but they certainly resemble them and rhinestones are a lot less expensive to purchase which allows us to own a variety of white or colored jewelry.

 EVER FAITH Austrian Crystal Vintage Inspired Bridal Flower Brooch Corsage Clear Gold-ToneCheck Price Wedding Bridal Big Crystal Rhinestone Bouquet Brooch Pin for Women (Rose Gold)Check Price MEEDOZ White Gold Plated Women’s Crystal Rhinestone Rose Flower Shape BroochCheck Price

Either of these vintage style brooches would add a touch of elegance and beauty to an outfit. They will easily dress up a plain sweater & jeans, add a bit of color to a coat lapel or even the scarf.


Watch the video below for more ideas for dressing up your wardrobe with brooches.



Classy Animal Rhinestone Brooches

Do you love blue birds or frog perhaps? These rhinestone brooches would be a lot of fun to add to an outfit. The blue bird pin depicts a pretty blue bird in surprising detail. This is a handcrafted piece of jewelry that will lend sparkle to any wardrobe.

 Alilang Silvery Tone Clear Crystal Colored Rhinestones Frog Toad Brooch PinCheck Price Hand Crafted Silver Tone Blue Bird Fly Sapphire Crystal Rhinestone Pin BroochCheck Price Alilang Cute Clear Crystal Rhinestone Zoo Dumbo Elephant King Animal Fashion Pin BroochCheck Price

This cute frog with his big feet can climb all over you. You may even try pinning him upside down for a different effect. He is available in either silver and golf tone metal alloy with clear rhinestones and black rhinestone eyes. This pin is sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Either of these brooches make a great gift idea too.


Beautiful Rhinestone Dragonfly and Butterfly Brooches

Have you ever wondered why bugs are so popular in jewelry? Maybe we all have a desire to shock, a harmless titillation to see a creepy crawler on your jacket?

I also wonder if it may be because they are naturally elusive and this is a way we can capture and keep them with us. Whatever the reason, they certainly make you smile and, of course, these butterflies and dragonflies won’t fly away, so you can enjoy their beauty all day.

Empress Monarch Purple Winged Butterfly Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Pin BroochCheck Price Enamel Wing Czech Crystal Rhinestone Faux Pearl Dragonfly Fashion Pin BroochCheck Price


The butterfly and dragonfly rhinestone jewelry would also look quite lovely and natural on a headscarf. You will want to view this video to get a few new ideas on accessorizing your headscarf.



How About Reptile Rhinestone Brooches and Pins

I love this little guy! The alligator rhinestone brooch is made from lead-free alloy so he is not harmful even to sensitive skin unlike the real creature would be if he rubbed up against you. This silver-tone brooch is beautifully accented with green rhinestone crystals to replicate the color of the reptile. This alligator doesn’t scare me, but I will admit, a real life alligator, up close and personal, would scare me half to death. He would sure be a lot of fun to wear! I can only imagine the reactions I would get when people got close enough to identify that shiny thing on my coat or blouse.

 Premium Crocodile Brooch Colourful Crystal Rhinestone Crocodile Alligator Brooch PinCheck Price



Best Animal Brooches – Rhinestone Jewelry

Pandas are extremely popular and they are so very cute in real life and as jewelry! This panda brooch is made of silver alloy and is embedded with both clear and black rhinestones.

Zebras certainly have their admirers too. I know several people who claim the zebra as their favorite zoo animal. This zebra is made of silver alloy metal. His white stripes are rhinestones and his black stripes are painted on which also adds a bit of depth to the piece.

The combination of black and white is very stylish and popular in fashion. As such, not only could you wear your favorite animal, but the cute panda or zebra would also be a winning accessory.

 Adorable Cute Clear Black Crystal Rhinestone Baby Panda Zoo Animal Pin BroochCheck Price Vintage Inspired Aurora Borealis Crystal Rhinestone Cool Phoenix Bird Brooch PinCheck Price Soulbreezecollection Zebra Horse Brooch Pin Clear Rhinestone Black Enamel Animal Fashion JewelryCheck Price


The phoenix is more of a statement or testimony piece. Not only is it a beautiful bird, but it symbolizes survival for some, rebirth for others, but always a symbol of raising above adversity.

Either of these rhinestone animal brooches would truly be a great gift idea for anyone who loves animals, but especially for someone who has a special appreciation for that particular creature.


Giraffe Brooch – Pretty Rhinestone Brooch

How cute is this? The single giraffe below happens to be a personal favorite not only because I adore the animal, but because of the most excellent design of this particular piece. The gorgeous giraffe brooch is encrusted with topaz color accent rhinestones. With his gold tone and brown accents, he really does favor a real giraffe. Anyone would be delighted to get this pretty rhinestone pin as a gift. He is most definitely perfect for anyone who loves giraffes!

The mother and baby giraffe brooch is absolutely adorable!

 Alilang Golden Tone Clear Crystal Colored Rhinestones Brown Giraffe Spotted Brooch PinCheck Price EMEGCY Giraffe Brooch Pin 18K Gold Plated Giraffe Rhinestone Brooches Pins Christmas Brooch Jewelry Gifts for WomenCheck Price



Animal Brooches with Rhinestones – Costume Jewelry at it’s Best

There are lots of other animal brooches. Just about any animal you could name has a replica made of him in the rhinestone brooch fashion world. Again, depending on if you are going for elegance or sheer fun, these brooches will reflect your mood and perhaps even playfulness. Either way, they are all awesome.

 Rare Siam Amethyst Emerald Crystal Rhinestone Hedgehog Animal Forest Pin BroochCheck Price Red Ruby Crystal Rhinestone Gold Tone Gecko Lizard Reptile Animal Pin BroochCheck Price Alilang Cute Mouse Rat Pet Silvery Tone Ombre Rhinestone Crystal Animal Critter Pin Brooch, PinkCheck Price


Rhinestone Cat Brooch

We can’t feature a mouse without also featuring a kitty cat!

Silver-tone whiskers and crystal clear rhinestones make this kitty one to cherish. The brooch depicts a Siamese cat at it’s most imperious. Only cats can portray that degree of disdain with a single look. This is an excellent gift for all cat lovers.

Siamese Cat Clear Crystal Rhinestone Whiskers Kitty Shiny Silver Tone Pin BroochCheck Price


I told you at the beginning that I would be sharing videos that would give you great ideas and show you awesome ways to use pins with current day fashion. This video shares one of my favorite suggestions since we often associate brooches with coats and scarves. Here is an excellent way to still use brooches with scarves and completely change the look of an outfit.


Classic Floral Brooches – Best in Rhinestone Jewelry

We’ve had a lot of fun with the insects and animal rhinestone brooches, but I do want to end this article with the brooches we are probably more accustomed to seeing. Floral brooches add great beauty and reflect our love for flowers when we wear them. Sometimes, we see a brooch that has a very obvious flower like the lotus shown below. Other times we see a more abstract floral design. They are all beautiful!

The hand painted pearlescent enamel flower is a pretty brooch that is designed to add a touch of beauty to your day. It has a shiny silver tone plated finish and has embedded rhinestone crystals in the center and on the tips of each petal to made it shine on even the darkest day. This flower brooch would be a beautiful accessory and would look gorgeous with absolutely anything.

The blue Floral Petal brooch pin offers a more modern design on an old theme. Diamante, rhinestone, Austrian crystal – these terms are all interchangeable to describe imitation gems. This is a fine example of how affordable gorgeous jewelry can be in today marketplace.

 Hand Paint Pearlescent Czech Crystal Rhinestone Flower Floral Design Brooch PinCheck Price Floral Crystal Diamante Petal Brooch Pin – BlueCheck Price YOQUCOL Big Large Brooch Pin Austrian Crystal Leaf Shape Bouquet Rhinestone Scarf DecorationCheck Price


Who says floral brooches are old-fashioned? They may well remind us of jewelry from bygone days, but all of the floral brooches featured here are excellent examples of how flower brooches are not a thing of past. Sometimes they are exactly what you need to brighten your day or to add that finishing touch to your outfit.

Oh, and these are floral gifts that would never die. They would always be a beautiful reminder of the giver anytime they are worn.