Rhinestone Hair Accessories

Where to Buy Rhinestone Hair Accessories

Rhinestone hair jewelry is an inexpensive way to create a bit of sparkling elegance in any hair style, long, short or styled in an updo.

There are so many different styles of hair accessories to offer that it is hard to know where to start, but this page offers you a range of styles, designs and hair styling suggestions for hair combs and claws, hair spirals and bobby pins, hair sticks and barrettes.

You will also find a great selection of how-to videos. I don’t normally use a lot of videos in my articles, but it is a lot of fun to see the different examples of ways to use the featured rhinestone hair accessories. Perhaps, you will even discover a new hairstyle to try yourself accented with a new piece of hair jewelry.


Beautiful Rhinestone Hair Comb – Rhinestone Hair Accessories

Once you have created a stylish up-do, add a finishing touch with a beautiful rhinestone hair comb. This one is particularly pretty in the shape of a peacock with multi-colored rhinestones being used as accents. This silver tone hair comb is perfect for an evening out, a prom or even your wedding day. It will be quite lovely resting among your gently styled locks. When you turn, this will catch the eye and catch the light.

 Wedding Bridal Headpiece Rhinestone Hair Comb Women Peacock Hair Clip Side CombClick to Purchase


Hair Jewelry with Rhinestone Accents – Rhinestone Hair Accessories

This is a great hair comb for long or short hair. Use one to provide a stylish accent for day or evening wear. This pretty comb is studded with rhinestone and has a long strand of rhinestones that will play peek-a-boo in your hair. Use the comb to lift up the hair and keep it pinned in place.

Be sure to have a look at the following video for some beautiful hair styling ideas. It will give you a whole new appreciation for what you can do with hair comb accessories. They really do look like pieces of jewelry in your hair!

 Evild Flower Hair Comb Silver Rhinestone Pearl HairpiecesCheck Price


Hair Styling with Jeweled Hair Combs – Popular Hair Jewelry


Beautiful Up-do Hairstyle with Curls

When I go to the theater for a musical or play, the updo style featured in the video is my own personal preference. The soft curls give such an elegant appearance with a Rhinestone comb or pin tucked in among them.

Here are a few really stunning, eye catching rhinestone combs for your hair. They would certainly be lovely selections for that special occasion.

 EVER FAITH Wedding Rhinestone Crystal Bridal Sunning 4 Inch Floral Leaf Branch Teardrop Hair Comb for Women Clear Silver-ToneClick to Purchase ACCESSORIESFOREVER Women Bridal Wedding Jewelry Crystal Rhinestone Duo Flowers Hair Comb Pin SilverClick to Purchase


Easy Hair Styles with Hair Combs – Rhinestone Hair Accessories


A Variety of Hairstyles

If your hair is at least a medium length, the video above gives us examples of several hairstyles that range from a more casual look to an elegant up-do.

Select the hairstyle you prefer for the day, or for a special occasion, and add your favorite hair jewelry for that special finishing touch.

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Hair Simply Pulled Back With a Barrette

For many years, I wore my hair simply pulled back with a barrette to work. Needless to say, I have quite a collection of rhinestone hair barrettes and I still love them all.

Wearing a barrette is a great way to wear your hair down, but still have it pulled back out of your eyes, which is essential in many jobs and workplaces. It is a wonderful hair style for either straight or curly or rolled hair.

I really like that little twist to that standard hair style shown in the video above.

 IPINK Gray Tone Metal French Clip Flower Design Hair Clip BarretteClick to Purchase


Rhinestone Alligator Clips

Alligator clips are another fabulous way to pull your hair back and out of your face. They are really easy to grab and insert in your hair, especially if you need to do something quickly, but don’t have time to stand in front of the mirror and neatly style your hair.

The Rhinestone alligator clip will provide instant results without being unattractive to wear.

 FRCOLOR alligator hair clip vintage sparkle hair clips modeling rhinestone duckbill hair clips fancy clipsClick to Purchase Dizila 4 Pack Large Long Metal Alligator Hair Clips with Sparkly Rhinestone Flower Butterfly Duckbill ClipsClick to Purchase



Rhinestone Claw Clips

How to use Claw Clips for Hair Styling

Fast & Easy

Hair claws make it fast and easy to pull your hair back and up, completely out of the way. I frequently wear hair claws when I am lounging around the pool and want to get my hair completely off my shoulders, out of my face or simply to keep my hair dry. I also wear a claw in the shower or bath if I am not planning to wash my hair.

Whether I am poolside, or in my own bathroom, I still enjoy having my hair accessories embellished with rhinestones. Some things I do just for me.

 4 Pieces Metal Hair Clips Large Vintage Flower Hair Claw Jaw ClipsClick to Purchase Faship Navy Blue Rhinestone Crystal Floral Hair Claw ClipsClick to Purchase


Rhinestone Hair Spirals

Hair Styling with Spiral Pins – Rhinestone Hair Accessories

Whether you need a special hair style for a party, prom or a wedding, hair spiral pins add a great touch with gorgeous results.

They ‘spiral’ down into the hair like a corkscrew so they sit comfortably and stay in place for as long as you need. Try experimenting with different styles to see which best suits your own hair texture.

Many spiral pins come in sets of 2 or more, but there are definitely spiral hair pins available separately. If you purchase a set, I recommend that you place them in your hair in a random fashion for the best effect. Each time I style my hair, it looks a little different.

ACCESSORIESFOREVER Women Bridal Wedding Jewelry Hair Spiral Pin Crystal Rhinestone Pearl Style SilverClick to Purchase

Rhinestone Bobby Pins

There are two different styles of rhinestone bobby pins. The type that lay flat against your head, and the style similar in effect to the spirals shown above, but a little easier to insert.

You can add a touch of style and elegance to your hair style with the featured pair of pretty hair bobby pins, which are also commonly referred to as hair slides. Each bobby pin slides or “clips” in securely to either hold a style in place, or simply to add a rhinestone accent.

The straight bobby pins are inserted into a “fluffier” hair style since they require depth in your hair to be worn.

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Hair Styling with Rhinestone Hair Sticks

Rhinestone Hair Jewelry

Hair Sticks have become my personal favorites over the last few years.

Since I work at my computer all day, I want to pull my hair back and up rather often, to keep it out of my face. I love how quickly and easily I can twist my hair back and literally poke in a hair stick and it will hold my hair in place. I also find the hair sticks essential when I am cooking and working in the kitchen.

And let’s not forget, if I need to run out somewhere quickly, they are fast and pretty ways to fix my hair in a hurry.

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Here is another video showing how to use a hair stick. She goes into great detail to explain exactly how to twist hair for a more elegant appearance than the fast and easy hair stick insertion in the previous video.

Most often, I am going the use the fast and easy insertion, which is the real appeal of the hair stick. However, there are times when a bit more attention to style would be desired.


I personally love all of the rhinestone hair jewelry selections featured here. Which item would be my favorite, would be determined on a daily basis by which one I needed at any given time. I believe there is something here for every day or every night whether it is a special occasion or simply adding a touch of beauty to our work day.

So often our jewelry is only seen when someone is facing us. With these beautiful rhinestone hair accessories, we can give “jewelry” a whole new definition and be beautifully accessorized from the back, as well as face forward.

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